Sports Performance | 2018 - present

  • Coordinate, direct, and supervise boys and girls under 18 years

  • Conduct individual trainings involving drills and reviewing video footage

  • Assist the director with scouting opponent teams and building tactics

  • Work on national summer camps

  • Promote an appreciation of physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship

  • Design the training program

  • Supervise player tryouts at the beginning of the season

  • Provide in-game strategy

  • Instruct team members about the rules, regulations and policies of volleyball



Setter | 2008 - 2021


BOUC Volley, France

Club Alès en Cévennes Volley-Ball, France

Halat, Lebanon

Pirin, Bulgaria

Paok, Greece

Vardar, Macedonia

Al-Kufa, Iraq

USTS-Sfax, Tunis

Teuta, Albania

Strumica, Macedonia


United Volleyball Club Director


  • Director and Head Coach

  • United Sport Performance and Injury Prevention Program for all teams

  • Head Coach his teams

  • Build Practice Schedules for Irvine Teams & lead all teams 1 day a week

  • Provide training systems and practices for teams to follow

  • Communicate Internationally to bring top coaches to United Volleyball Club

  • Recruit international players to United

  • Help organize international matches and competition

Angel Nikolov -

Sport Performance & Injury Prevention

Degree: B.S. International Economics