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GIRLS Competitive 

BeACH cLub

coming summer 2021!

lead by director evren tanriverdi

$699 Registration fee

Seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer (year round training)


Where: Newland Street and PCH, Huntington Beach

(other sites that will be used future seasons: Los Cab & Great Park)


GIRLS AGES 10-14: (Wed 4-6pm & Saturday 8-10am)

GIRLS AGES 15-18 (HS): (Wed 5-7pm & Saturday 9-11am)


More info:

*All players will learn the sand doubles game (only)

**All practices will start with 30-45minutes of training and conclude with strategy through mini tournaments and round robins.

***This program is priced very low to provide a base 2 day a week of training sessions (organized by level of play). Players will also be recruited for performance teams with a private coach in groups of 8 (selected by talent and skill level for players training for an elite level) 


Players can train specifically with their partners or come individually and be worked in with players in their same range.

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