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Kennedy's journey in volleyball began at the age of 9. She kicked off her club volleyball experience at Shenu when she was just 10, spanning from 2014 to 2016. Subsequently, she joined Club One and remained a part of it throughout her junior high and high school years, from 2016 to 2021. Transitioning during her senior year, she moved to compete for Aspire.


Hailing from Mesa, Arizona, she honed her skills in both indoor and beach volleyball at Mountain View High School, renowned as one of Arizona's top schools for the sport. The culmination of her efforts in senior year resulted in an Honorable Mention in indoor volleyball and the title of Most Improved Player on the beach volleyball team. 

Taking the next step in her volleyball journey, she committed to Edmonds College during her senior year and spent a year immersing herself in that experience. Recently, she made the move to California, eager to reconnect with the world of volleyball again!


Shenu- 2014-2016
Club one-2017-2021
Mountain View-2018-2022
Edmonds College-2022-2023


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