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Player Training Expectations

Player Tournament Expectations

Parent Tournament Expectations

Tournament Arrival Times

Travel Tournaments

End of Year Tournament

College Recruiting

Important SCVA links:

SCVA Webite

Girls Tournament Schedule

Boys Tournament Schedule

Site Directions

Player Training Expectations

  • Players need to attend training. We are a competitive club! We use the word training, not practice, for a reason.

    • Players of all ages should learn time management.​

    • Minimum team training per week should be attainable for all athletes choosing to excel in club sports.​​

  • Cell Phone Rules

    • All cell phones stay in the bag on the opposite side of the court from water bottles.

      • Players only go to the side of the court where water bottles are for water breaks​​​.​​

    • Cell phones should never be used during team practices or match play (unless there is a family emergency)​

  • Players must always have all necessary gear for training and tournaments. 

Player Tournament Expectations:

  • All players must have all uniforms, warm ups, bags, and practice gear with them at all tournaments.

  • We are now proudly sponsored head to toe by Mizuno and all Mizuno items must be worn during competition.

  • Players are responsible to bring a ball from practice to tournaments and return the ball the following practice. 

  • Players are to arrive on time and leave after the last assignment. (whether it is playing or reffing) Arrival times are listed below

  • Players are at tournaments to compete.

    • Players never leave the site of a tournament until the day is finished or allowed by coach with a return time.

    • Players must arrive back to the court prior to their next match by game 2 of the prior match.

    • Players are responsible for organizing fair reffing assignments with the understanding of all reffing roles.

    • Players are to treat family, refs, coaches, and teammates with respect.

    • Players food/drink decisions and off court behavior is a reflection of a players dedication to their team.

Parent Tournament Expectations:

  • Parents must know and understand how to find the schedule.

    • Please search and learn to find "weekend sites"​ on the scva website

    • links are also posted above  

  • Team parents "may help" send email reminders of arrival time and site prior to the weekend tournament

  • Parents organize food assignments or send players with money or personal food

  • Parents are responsible for only expressing encouragement or positive reinforcement from the sidelines

    • Parents do not coach

    • Parents do not ref

    • Parents do not yell score

    • Parents do not shag balls for players

    • Parents do not approach coaches or refs to vent or complain at tournaments

  • Parents must wait 24 hours to approach or contact coaches about playing time

Tournament Arrival Times:

  • 1st seed: Play first match of pool. Arrive 1 hour prior to pool start time.

  • 2nd seed: Ref first match of pool. Arrive 3o minutes prior to pool start time.

  • 3rd seed: Play first match of pool. Arrive 1 hour prior to pool start time.

  • 4th seed: Off first match. Arrive at pool start time.

Travel Tournament:

  • Parents are responsible for organizing travel and hotels

    • Team Parent organizes rooms through THS (Team Housing System)​

      • Book minimum number of rooms required to enter the tournament ASAP

      • Those rooms will be used for coaches and volunteer families

      • All parents will have freedom to select their own hotels or stay with the team/families at THS hotel previously booked

        • Commitment to THS rooms must be organized and filled first!​

      • Players may stay with their parents

      • Players going alone will be placed together and under the chaperone(s) supervision

    • Parents plan flights, transportation, and/or extra rooms for coaches and disperse amoungst the number of families attending

      • Team parent will collect deposits to supplement traveling coaches $100 a day, coaches rooms, and flights

    • Arrive one day before tournament and leave one day after tournament unless there are flights available on the final day after 7pm​


End of Year Tournament Options:

  • Junior Nationals

  • AAU

  • Summer Soiree

  • Festival


College Recruiting:

  • Refer to the Director for realistic recruiting advice

  • Multiple programs are available depending on how committed athletes are to getting a scholarship

  • We strongly recommend all parents to "Do Your Research" before committing to clubs because of promises directors and coaches make about their "college recruiting"

    • Be REALISTIC on what can really be promised!​

  • College recruiting is very simple

    • All clubs have access to the same information (BE REALISTIC: I TAKES WORK .WHEN THINKING OF COLLEGE) 


    • Players have to do WORK to get recruited!

    • Coaches have to motivate the athlete to do WORK to get recruited!

    • Parents have to motivate the athlete to do WORK to get recruited!

    • We teach our athletes how to WORK to get recruited!

      1. We teach the difference in what kind of scholarships are available for D1, D2, and NAIA Universities and how to earn financial aid for D3 Universities

      2. We help them develop a plan for selecting the right school

      3. We help provide video options

      4. We help connect with the college coaches

      5. We help provide recommendations to college coaches 

    • We will WORK to connect with Universities when athletes commit and WORK to build their future in volleyball

  • ​​For the more committed and dedicated athlete playing primarily motivated to earn a scholarship or play at the next level, we outsource to a professional service that has an incredible success rate getting athletes into colleges with some form of financial aid and scholarships!

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